Welcome to Web and Beyond Community

Join our growing Small Business community to learn and share about marketing and managing on the Web

About Us

We are a community of Small Business owners, lead by Digital Marketing Strategist Ray Sidney-Smith of W3 Consulting.

Founded by Digital Marketing Strategist Ray Sidney-Smith of W3 Consulting, Web and Beyond Community is an extension of W3 Consulting's mission to help Small Business learn how to market andĀ manage using the Web, Mobile, Social Media and beyond.

Web and Beyond Community is here to connect you with other Small Business owners who want to learn, share and grow their businesses using digital marketing. The Digital Age is here. And, we're ready to build our businesses together.

We host events, courses, masterclasses, mastermind groups, coaching groups, and more here in Web and Beyond Community, all to help you build your business for the Digital Age.

N.B. This community is focused on businesses in the United States and Canada. While people from everyone are welcome, please note that we will focus our efforts, advice and programming on US and Canadian business ownership.

Also, only individuals may join the community to make sure it's more personable and humane. Your profile image must be completed and *you*; no business logos or non-human images.

Why You Should Join Us

Heading onto the Web today to learn about digital marketing can not only be a challenge to know where quality information exists, but it's very easy to go down a rabbit hole and come up with more questions than answers.

Web and Beyond Community is designed around us sharing the best information and advice from the collective experience of the Small Business owners and experts here.

We want every member of this community to find the information they need, so they can build the digital marketing strategy that will work for their business, and then go make it work for them.

Web and Beyond Community is a hub for groups, events and courses, including

  • Business Masterminds (general and industry-specific peer accountability groups),
  • Digital Marketing Coaching Groups (general and industry-specific Marketing Strategist-led groups),
  • Small Business Roundtable, a monthly, virtual meetup for those who want to discuss topical issues they're facing in their businesses with the broader Web and Beyond Community, and get in some complimentary networking too,
  • Small Business Book Club, the live, virtual Small Business book club and podcast,
  • Small Business Blog Network, a partnership of regional economic development agencies and business experts who manage our regional business blogs, producing blog posts and helping promote one another (mostly in the United States and Canada),
  • Small Business Podcast Network, a community of business podcasts helping to support and promote one another through the power of podcasting,
  • our Small Business Resources Library, where our host Ray Sidney-Smith has assembled many of his Small Business Webinars, recorded keynotes, tutorials, interviews, and templates all in one centralized location, and
  • much more.

Meet Your Host

I'm Ray Sidney-Smith, your community host here on Web and Beyond Community. And, I'm a Small BusinessĀ Digital Marketing Strategist and Productivity Technology Consultant and Trainer, who hosts the podcast, Web and BeyondCast! By day, I help businesses reach their goals through the use of digital marketing strategies paired with great technology and productivity principles (usually through my clients--economic development programs).

I founded Web and Beyond Community because I wholeheartedly believe that Small Business owners can be more successful when they're given the right information and then allowed to share and grow together with other business owners.

I wish you the best on your Small Business journey on the Web and beyond!